Born in Italy, out of the same gene pool as Ferruccio Lamborghini, Gianni Celati and other stunning persons. Fated to be a pioneer in mechanical engineering, he let his grandfather’s dreams fall and picked an unconventional music career.

His first connection to music was an air drum toy (the original Hit Stix) which broke up after an intensive summer improvisation workshop. Years later he got back to traditional instruments which brought him to play in many private cellars and bars.

Those first experiences taught him the first rudiments of recording techniques which led him to his true passion: electronic music.


He implemented club esthetic for his compositions for theatre, leading him to a complicated but fruitful relation with the sound engineers of different Theatres (Tanzhaus Zurich, Gessnerallee Zurich, Südpol Luzern, Cuadro 22, Salzhaus Winterthur and Millers Zürich).

Even if his work is not being acknowledged by his grandmother at the christmas dinner, he ended up working with brilliant artists such as the Soloist of Tonhalle Orchestra, Sebastian Mullaert and Luke Slater. He also composed for a bunch of international Choreographers (Luca Signoretti, Jérôme Mayer, Ihsan Rustem, Lucas del Rio).


In 2019 he got enrolled in the Fellowship Program of the University of Arts (Zurich) with the research Project “Virtual Voice”. He trapped himself together with some unfortunate friends in a theatre in order to understand how to use recorded voices in theatre pieces. Two years later everything ended up well without any intervention from the authorities. Some results here.

Indeed even after many years of collaboration those two handsome guys at Quaint still let him produce music for their scientific animation videos (with love since 2018).

In order to feed his image as an established composer with a strong commitment, everlasting patience and passion he gathered together with a bunch of talented persons to create the artistic collective Prisma.


Together with Elena Morena Weber and Lucas Del Rio they amazed the Szenotop Jury from Aargauer Kuratorium in 2021 and got founded for the three year project Poems From Inner Space.

Even if he spends at least 30 minutes each day on social networks, he barely understands how to use it and in this regard is probably considered a boomer. Anyway you can take a glance here. (Insta)

If you’re reading this line you’re truly trying to gather a picture of myself. Please refer to all the lines above as an ironic description of my artistic journey until here. All of the facts are true, but if you’re still a little bit confused about me please write to me! We can clear this out together :).


Photos 2 and 4 from Demian Bern